Do you charge sales tax?

Yes, we charge sales tax for all orders shipped to California addresses.

Do you offer free shipping?

At this time, we do not offer free shipping as a standard offering. Occasionally, we will offer free shipping in the form of a coupon code. Please sign up for our newsletters so you'll know when you can get free shipping.  

For soap, does SIZE matter?

Yes, size matters!

Handcrafted soap is bound to have minor variations in size. It is a big NO-NO (there are specific legal requirements for soap labels, not to mention it's a bit shady) to use the word "approx" when referring to the weight of the soap. Soap can weigh more than the label states, but never less than what is stated. Our soaps are labeled according to lowest weight in that particular batch. So, you may receive soaps a bit heavier than labeled, but not less on delivery. 

We like a BIG BAR! (and we think you will too) Our soap is 25% larger than the average bar of handmade soap. It lasts longer; therefore, more bang for your buck! Most of our soap bars are cut 1.25 inches thick!  These are seriously BIG bars.

What do you use to scent your soap?

We use essential oils and body safe fragrance oils.  You can find out which one was used by viewing the product info section of the product in question. 

Why does my soap look different than the picture?

While ingredients are the the same for each particular batch of soap, color and design variations can be different. For instance, the ingredients for the "Lemon Patchouli" soap are the same for every batch, but the way the colored soap is swirled will create a different swirl pattern from batch to batch.  Keep in mind, naturally colored soap will fade over time, and will fade faster when exposed to sunlight. 

The pictures shown are for reference.  Color and design patterns may vary.

Is there lye in your soap?

NO.  Sodium Hydroxide or Lye is used in the production of ALL SOAP however the saponification process converts all oils and lye into soap and glycerin.  Therefore, no lye is left in the final product.

Does your soap cure xyz?

Legally, we can't answer that. The FDA frowns upon soap makers making claims. This will move our products into the "drug" category and the FDA requires expensive testing.

We do however list ALL ingredients- both on our website and on the packaging. Please feel free to research each ingredient to learn about their benefits.    

Why does the soap look ashy?

Handmade soap sometimes develops a white residue called soda ash. It is HARMLESS! It's a by-product of soap making created when sodium hydroxide comes in contact with the carbon dioxide in the air.  It will disappear the first time you use the soap.  

What is the shelf life of the soap?

Our unused products should last up to 1 year under proper storage conditions. Humidity, heat, air and ultraviolet light are the enemies of all natural stuff. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Even if the scent fades the soap will still be usable. But why wait?  Even if you think they are too pretty to use, there is always more where they came from.  

How do I care for handcrafted soap?

Allow the soap to dry when not in use. Place the soap on a water draining soap dish or use a mesh soap saver to allow water to drain.  Your soap will thank you.

Please contact us with any concerns, comments, or questions at Hello@milliezaynsoap.com